Investing in the future.


We enable. We empower.

We initiate innovative businesses – based on sustainable technologies – for multiple impacts in the Global South. We build bridges between local and global companies and organizations. We are investors and advisors.

In a VUCA* world…

Hundreds of millions of people around the world live in poverty, often without sufficient food, access to clean water or electricity. They often work in casual jobs, with inadequate equipment and rely on expensive and unreliable transportation for themselves and their products. The technology used is often harmful to the climate and health.

* volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity

the Solutions are at hand…

The innovative, smart and clean technologies needed are already available: decentralized, renewable energy can power off-grid utilities and electric mobility can transform commercial and agricultural activities. Meanwhile, well-endowed funds, individuals and family offices actively search for investment opportunities both sound and socially responsible.

E-Wave brings them together

E-Wave connects competencies and  resources, organizations, companies and associations, authorities and civil society on an international but also a very local level.
New possibilities inspire courageous entrepreneurs – also in the Global South. Developing these local champions in rural regions is an essential part of our social and sustainable investment strategy.


Dedication, decades of experience and proven competency in key branches is the foundation of our confidence in our success.


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