New study: Water Touring

Water Touring – market and feasibility study for a new sustainable tourism segment.

E-Wave intends to enter the sustainable tourism segment in Germany and has initiated a study to explore this entrepreneurial undertaking.

The concept is to leverage E-Wave’s truly unique starting position and found a new company to combine the European trends of e-mobility and soft tourism to a new profitable business. 

As initiator and shareholder of the boat building project Kewat Ltd. in Kenya, E-Wave has cost-effective access to specially designed PE-boats, which would also be ideal for water tourism. In addition, E-Wave has, in the last five years, earned the reputation as a pioneer and specialist in the field of e-mobility on the water.

The boats, specially adapted and equipped for leisure touring, would be rented to ecologically conscious, nature-loving tourists. The low draught of the electrically-powered boats will enable the water touring customers to explore and pass rivers and waterways which today can only be accessed by kayaks or canoes. The totally silent boats can carry 2 – 6 persons with luggage and camping equipment for multi-day excursions. The boats will be equipped with covers against heat and rain and can operate self-sufficiently in almost all weather conditions.

The study, including a comprehensive business plan, is self-financed and is expected to be completed by Q4 2023. A cooperation with a university renowned in the area of sustainable tourism has already been initiated and partnerships with companies with complementary experience are being explored. The proof of concept will start in Q2 of 2024, start of operations is planned for 2025.

Potential investors with proven experience in the sustainable tourism sector in Europe are invited to contact E-Wave.


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Our Investment


If a new initiative is to take root and grow, it must offer real improvements for all stakeholders in key aspects:

  1. It must be simple, profitable and affordable for a large target group
  2. It must be economically viable for the investors who pre-fund the initiative and
  3. it must be ecologically sustainable for our planet.

Difficult? Yes! But possible with expertise and dedication!

Environmently friendly

the CO2 footprint of most developing nations is a fraction of that of our own.
So why is the leverage on an electric fisherboat in Africa so much greater than an e-vehicle at home? Let's discuss the soft aspects of environmental protection.

locally empowering

our goal is the economic liberation of our local facilitators and customers – not their long-term indenturement. The empowerment of women and girls is of particular importance to us and is the focus of our activities. We are convinced this radically un-modern approach is best practice – and the future of resilient altruistic investment strategies.

Financially viable

we can't wait for the UN, World Bank or the Gates Foundation to solve all the world's problems. We all need to support change now. Got a few million for a foundation? Go for it! For the rest of us, philanthro-capitalistic models offer a personally viable, crowd-sourced venture capital opportunity to facilitate change and maintain wealth.