New boat developed

E-Wave, Roto and i-Yacht develop an innovative fishing boat for use in inland- and in coastal waters.

More than 100,000 wooden fishing boats are used for fishing on the great African lakes. Not only are they poorly suited for use with electric motors, but many of them do not fulfil even the basic requirements for safe and economic fishing.

E-Wave, as a pioneer in E-Mobility on the water, identified the global necessity for a new generation of fishing boat and began the search for a competent design and engineering partner capable of fulfilling the demanding requirements. i-Yacht was convinced by the clear concept and decided to get involved in this challenging project. The technology partner for the project is the Slovenian Roto group.

The goal was to develop a boat that could be manufactured in Africa using the rotational moulding method. The traditional shape of today’s boats was to be retained as far as possible, however with the additional requirements of unsinkability, better handling and manoeuvrability, as well as an improved environmental footprint. Local fishermen were involved from the very beginning to ensure that all important requirements were considered.

The result is convincing. The new boat meets all the requirements and can also be used universally for other transport tasks.

The development of a boat is a dynamic process that requires continuous adaptation and further development. Accordingly, the partners have entered a long-term relationship order to ensure the necessary continuity.

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Not only in Africa, but in many developing countries, local fishermen are disadvantaged because of their boats as a means of work. Yet there are already good solutions in industrialized nations that simply need to be adapted and transferred. For this you need the right partners – and we are convinced to have found them with I-Yacht and Roto.

Wolfgang Gregor

Partner of E-Wave GmbH

It is not very common for our designers and engineers to get an order for developing a fishing boat. But after the on-site visit to Lake Victoria, we saw the compelling need to help the fishermen with our expertise. Our team in Hamburg has rarely worked with so much pride and enthusiasm on a project as in this partnership with E-Wave and Roto.

Udo Hafner

CEO I-Yacht - Germany

We have successfully proven for years that we can manufacture good PE boats. Roto boats and canoes are omnipresent in Europe. However, the new boat represents a new challenge in terms of size and application. I think that together with I-Yacht we have developed a perfect solution for the African fishermen.

Matjaž Pavlinjek

Managing Director Roto Group – Slovenia


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Our Investment


If a new initiative is to take root and grow, it must offer real improvements for all stakeholders in key aspects:

  1. It must be simple, profitable and affordable for a large target group
  2. It must be economically viable for the investors who pre-fund the initiative and
  3. it must be ecologically sustainable for our planet.

Difficult? Yes! But possible with expertise and dedication!

Environmently friendly

the CO2 footprint of most developing nations is a fraction of that of our own.
So why is the leverage on an electric fisherboat in Africa so much greater than an e-vehicle at home? Let's discuss the soft aspects of environmental protection.

locally empowering

our goal is the economic liberation of our local facilitators and customers – not their long-term indenturement. The empowerment of women and girls is of particular importance to us and is the focus of our activities. We are convinced this radically un-modern approach is best practice – and the future of resilient altruistic investment strategies.

Financially viable

we can't wait for the UN, World Bank or the Gates Foundation to solve all the world's problems. We all need to support change now. Got a few million for a foundation? Go for it! For the rest of us, philanthro-capitalistic models offer a personally viable, crowd-sourced venture capital opportunity to facilitate change and maintain wealth.